New Training Programme

A new three stage training programme is getting underway for Opendoors volunteers.

Step 1 is for new volunteers and consists of a Core Session on a Saturday (10am – 3pm), a special session on Homelessness on a weekday morning (10am – 1pm) and an online session on Safeguarding.
We hope existing volunteers will ‘catch up’ on any of Step 1 or Step 2 that they haven’t already covered.

Step 2a is for Hall volunteers. There is a Core session on a Saturday (10am – 3pm), four special sessions on weekday mornings (10am – 1pm). These are on Safeguarding, Addiction, Mental Health and Money matters. It would be good if volunteers could attend a session per month and so complete Step 2a in about six months.

Step 2b is for Kitchen volunteers. There is just an Online course to do on Food Safety.

Step 3 is for prospective Befrienders who will each be building a one-to-one relationship with a guest. There is only the Core Session in Step 3 (a Saturday 10am – 3pm).
Those attending then decide whether or not to go to an interview in the hope of being appointed a Befriender. After that, after a bit of careful matching up, the first three-way meeting between them, a guest and a key worker will take place.

The intention is to of support the guest as they engage with an outside agency, like Housing Options at County Hall, the Probation Service or Impact (Turning Point). The guest might already be coming to Opendoors sessions. In the next few months they might be using the Opendoors Night Shelter or even be an occupying a room in the Opendoors Supported Housing scheme.
Look for a leaflet at the Drop-In with this image. It has dates of training sessions, more details of what is covered in each Core session and how to book places.
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