Becoming a Member

Our members care about homeless people in Devizes Community Area. We know people become homeless for a variety of reasons and that remaining homeless for any length of time is not good for anyone.

We believe we can play an important part in helping homeless people get a roof over their heads but we know there can be many things to deal with on the way and it can take a long time to get life back on an even keel.

By becoming a member you help make it possible for rough sleepers and sofa surfers to regain stability in their lives and to move on to independent living. Some members volunteer to help at drop in sessions whilst others help pay the bills. Devizes Opendoors gets no funding from the State but relies entirely on donations and grants.

You can become a member (individual or corporate) if you support Devizes Opendoors aims of a) helping local people avoid becoming excluded from society, b) meeting their needs when they feel excluded (particularly due to homelessness) and c) helping them integrate back into the community.

Individual Membership

By being an individual member you channel your personal concern for homeless people through the work of Devizes Opendoors. We are a local charity working in partnership with other agencies to address and overcome the problems homeless individuals are facing. Together, we can make a lasting difference.

If you would like to become a member please complete the Individual Membership Form and click the submit button.

Corporate Membership

Your business or organisation can become a Corporate Member. This could help to meet your company's Corporate Social Responsibilities. It could also offer a chance of involving staff in team building and sponsored activities.

If you would like to become a member please complete the Corporate Membership Form and click the submit button.