Training Programme

A three stage training programme helps Opendoors volunteers to contribute appropriately to the welfare of both the guests and the other volunteers. We are currently in the process of discussing how we will offer our autumn 2020 training programme during the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

Step 1 is for new volunteers and consists of a Core Session (Volunteering with Opendoors), a special session on Homelessness, a special session on Safeguarding and an online session on Food Hygiene for Kitchen volunteers.  We hope existing volunteers will ‘catch up’ on any of Step 1 sessions they haven’t already covered.

Step 2 is mainly for Hall volunteers but Kitchen volunteers are welcome. There is a Core session (Engaging with Guests) and special sessions on Dealing with  Addiction, Mental Health Challenges and Everyday First Aid. Volunteers are encouraged to attend two or three sessions this autumn and any they haven't been able to fit in, could then be signed up fpr when they are repeated in the spring. 

Step 3 is for prospective Befrienders who will each be building a one-to-one relationship with a guest. Training materials are in place and sessions will be arranged as and when convenient for those hoping to become Befrienders. The intention is to offer individual support to the guest as they engage with an outside agency, like Housing Options at County Hall, the Probation Service or Impact (Turning Point).