The team currently has three paid members of staff; one part-time centre administrator, one part-time deputy coordinator, and one paid befriending coordinator. We also have around 50 volunteers. Each session is run by a shift leader, two or three in the kitchen and the same number in the hall, including a shift befriender. See Our Sessions on the right for more information.

Together they

  • prepare the food and the hall,
  • welcome the guests and chat,
  • serve meals and
  • discuss issues in one-to-one conversations.

Concerns that get followed up include health (mental and physical) issues, alcohol and drug dependency, criminal activity, financial matters and of course housing issues.

Team meetings are arranged every two or three months to discuss issues that need dealing with. Training that are available includes food safety, first aid, safeguarding, managing boundaries, equal opportunities and diversity.

Please also see information on Volunteers.